Revolving Loan Fund Board

Resolution No. 36-13

RLF Administrative Plan EDA Final Plan 2013

  • Maximum of nine members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council of Richmond
  • The composition of the board shall be as follows: up to four Commercial Bankers or Commercial Lending representatives; the City Manager or his/her designee; one Attorney with business experience or practice; and one Accountant or C.P.A.  A maximum of two representatives from the local business community, who may be also be either the attorney or accountant representative. 
No Vacancy (as of 7/7/2020)

Member Terms



Term Expiration

Latressa Alford 06/22/2002 By resignation
Imani Berry (alternate for George Egan)
07/02/2019 By resignation
Glenda Bradley - Vice Chair  08/12/2002 By resignation
Charice Duckworth (City Manager's designee) 07/02/2019 By resignation
George Egan - Chair TBD By resignation
Michael Jones TBD By resignation
Scott Lewis  06/07/2011 By resignation
Fathia Mcauley 01/17/2017 By resignation
Brian McKeown
05/02/2017 By resignation
Vivian Rahwanji 07/15/2014 By resignation

Staff Liaisons
Charice Duckworth, City Manager's Designee
Bruce Soublet, Assistant City Attorney