Foreclosure Help

References and Up-to-Date Information
The Home Equity Preservation Alliance (HEPA) was selected by the City of Richmond, along with several other cities and the Contra Costa County, to serve as the single point of contact for one-to-one assistance about what to do if you are having trouble making your mortgage payment.

This web page, hosted by the City of Richmond, is an effort to provide a single point of reference and up-to-date information for residents throughout Contra Costa County.

Having Trouble Making Your Mortgage Payments?
The first things first page will offer you advice on the actions you need to take.

Attend foreclosure seminars and workshops. They are free.

What Happens When My Mortgage Payment is Late?
The foreclosure process page provides a brief explanation of how lenders react to late payments.

What Terms Will I Need to Know?
The terms page provides definitions of words you may hear as you correct your mortgage payment challenges.

Where Can I Find More Information?
The links page provides easy access to other non-profit organizations you may find helpful.