Flooding Issues
Please call Veolia Water at 510-412-2001

The city's stormwater program seeks to maintain a healthy aquatic environment by keeping pollutants out of the storm drain system, creeks, and the bay. The program strives to reduce trash and pesticide use, engage residents, and educate businesses on practices to reduce or eliminate pollutants in our water bodies.

Stormwater Specific Permits
Stormwater-specific permits for industrial and commercial businesses will be issued in July 2010 to additional business classifications. See the Permit FAQ.

Report a Problem
Stormdrain Maintenance
Veolia Water
Phone: 510-412-2001

Dumping & Spill Reports
Trash in Gutters
Phone: 510-231-3030

Pollutants Entering the Stormdrain
Phone: 911 or 1-800-NO-DUMPING