Pan Flu Module

Pilot Pan Flu Module
On May 5, 2009, the Richmond Fire Department Office of Emergency Services hosted the first of the three Pan Flu CERT Pilot Courses that will be held across the state of California (San Francisco and San Diego also hosted one in May and June 2009).  This Pan Flu Pilot course was developed by Contra Costa Health Services for the California Department of Health for use by CERT teams statewide.

Curriculum included what a pandemic is, how it differs from yearly flu season, how it is transmitted, local government's response roles, reducing the transmission of the flu as well as roles for CERT teams during a pandemic flu outbreak.  The interest in this course was outstanding, with forty three CERT graduates attending (including doctors and nurses) from across the county.


  • Explain what pandemic influenza is and how it is transmitted
  • Describe local government plans for responding to a pandemic
  • Describe at least four ways to reduce the transmission of the disease
  • Describe at least four roles of CERT teams to be prepared to help their communities with basic needs before, during, and after a severe influenza pandemic.

View the flyer from the Pilot Pan Flu Module that was held in Richmond on May 5, 2009. For more information on the pandemic flu, including fact sheets and preparation checklists, please visit the Contra Costa Health Services website. 

Pilot Pan Flu Module: May 5, 2009, Richmond Convention Center

Pan Flu Pilot Module

Pilot Pan Flu Module

Pan Flu Pilot Course