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The following images were provided by:
 Image  Title  Artist Name  Photographer
 Amtrak Station Opening  Photo of Amtrak Station Opening    Ellen Gailing
 Mural on Overpass  Century Xing
John Wehrle   Ellen Gailing
 Luv U Daddy Plate  Luv U Daddy
 Renata Gray  
 2 Boys  School Mates
Hand-Colored Photograph
 Nita Winter  
 Boys on Steps   Boys on Steps
Hand-Colored Photograph
 Nita Winter  
 City Hall Foyer  Photo of City Hall Foyer    Michael Allen Jones
 Mural in Auditorium  Richmond Revisited
 Daniel Galvez  Michael Allen Jones
 Landscape Mural  Bird's Eye View
 John Wehrle  John Wehrle
 City Hall Fountain  Photo of Fountain, City Hall    Michael Allen Jones
 Large Triggerfish Fan  Large Triggerfish Fan
Raku and Glazed Ceramic
 Gerald and Kelly Hong  Anthony Holdsworth, Photographer