Richmond Plunge


1 East Richmond Avenue
Richmond, CA 94801



  • County now requires VACCINATION or TEST (within 3 days), along with photo ID for all patrons 12+ years old 
  • County information flyer 
  • All patrons and staff are required to wear masks at all times. Only exception is while in the pool or shower
  • Limited capacity: 2-persons per lane maximum; some 1-person lanes available  
  • Please create your Active Net account online before coming to the pool to save time


  • Updated Pool Schedule -effective 9/12

  • Fees- debit/credit, cash or check accepted
  • Pool Rules

    - Please read before your visit to be sure you are prepared. Unless otherwise stated in the updated Covid guidelines, these rules still apply
  • Family Recreation Swim

     - drop in during our the Rec Swim hours indicated on the pool schedule. Low capacity limits are required, so a wait list may be used when we are full. 

  • Admission & Supervision Requirements for Children - for safety reasons, all children 8 & under must be attended by and supervised at arms distance in the water and deck area at all times by an adult, with a limit of two children per adult. Children 9-13 may swim with an adult supervising in the facility. We understand that some children who are under 9 may be excellent swimmers, but we enforce this policy for all drop-in swimmers, regardless of skill level. Please do not ask staff the bend the rules. 
  • Swim Wear Required- For safety and pool maintenance reasons, all swimmers are expected to wear appropriate swim attire (swim suits). Rash guards & swim shirts may be worn, but no cotton t-shirts/tanks, street clothes, etc.  
  • All babies and toddlers under 4 must wear a swim diaper (no regular diapers allowed in the pool)

We hire LIFEGUARDS year-round!

Certified Lifeguards can APPLY ONLINE now

Lifeguard Training Course provides American Red Cross certification to participants who pass the written and practical portions of the course. Lifeguard Training is provided throughout the year, with our main goal of training new Lifeguards who want to apply to work at our pools.

Please email if you would like more information, of if you would like to be alerted when the next course is scheduled. 


We do not know yet when we will be able to resume swim lessons. 
Please check back for updates

Our normal swim lesson calendar includes 
  • Saturday sessions at Richmond Swim Center (January-October)
  • Weekday evening sessions (Mon-Thur) at Richmond Plunge (June-August).  

Little Splashers Class

Join the fun and learning with this in-water Parent/Child class.This class is specifically for tots who are 6 months-4 years old. Advanced registration required. Please check for updates 

To Register for any Aquatics Program or Class:
Call the Recreation Complex Registration office 
Mon-Fri from 8:30am-4:00pm

or Register online 

3230 Macdonald Ave


Paula Cooper-Tipton, Aquatics Coordinator


Community Services Department
Registration Office

If you would like to receive email updates about City of Richmond pools, please email your first and last name to 


County now requires VACCINATION or TEST FOR ALL PATRONS 12+ years old
County now requires VACCINATION or TEST FOR ALL PATRONS 12+ years old
County now requires VACCINATION or TEST FOR ALL PATRONS 12+ years old
County now requires VACCINATION or TEST FOR ALL PATRONS 12+ years old

            Richmond Plunge 


9/24 Vaccinations or Test required for entry to pools