2015 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

This project will rehabilitate portions of 22nd Street, 23rd Street, Barrett Avenue, Hilltop Drive, Macdonald Avenue, and Ohio Avenue.  Work includes performing minor curb and gutter repairs to improve surface drainage, eliminating ADA barriers by installing curb ramps and repairing sidewalk and pathway trip hazards, performing localized asphalt base repairs, removing the old asphalt surface and installing rubberized asphalt to reduce noise pollution and slow down future roadway deterioration, installing traffic striping and pavement markings, installing bicycle facilities in accordance with the City’s Bicycle Master Plan, and installing video detection cameras at some intersections in order to improve traffic flow.

Hilltop Drive was completed in the fall of 2015; the remaining streets will be rehabilitated in the spring of 2016.
2015 Paving Location Map 200-2