Richmond Novel Coronavirus information (COVID-19)

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City of Richmond Information

Due to the COVID-19 virus, there is a County-wide Shelter-in-Place order which includes the City of Richmond. City of Richmond emergency staff are working in the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to maintain essential services, take precautionary measures to flatten the curve, and provide information to the public and employees.

We are actively working to ensure that the plans, policies, and protocols related to the COVID-19 virus will sustain the continuity of the City’s operations, services, and safety of city employees and the Richmond community. A local state of emergency has been declared to allow the City to be reimbursed for eligible emergency-related expenses from the State of California’s California Disaster Assistance Act.

Essential services such as Police, Fire, and Public Works are operational. Other services may be handled by city staff remotely, so we appreciate your understanding that responses may be somewhat delayed. For information on how to contact staff in a particular department, please visit their web-page.

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