Are you a senior living in Richmond or North Richmond? Do you need help keeping litter, weeds, and overgrowth out of your front yard and sidewalk? Sign up to be adopted by and receive free maintenance services from community volunteers.

Adopt-a-Senior services are limited to the front yard, back yard, and sidewalk and may include: cleaning up debris and litter; removing weeds and tall grass; trimming and pruning plants; painting; and more. The Adopt-a-Senior Program does not provide any home repairs or other services that take place inside of the home. Volunteers are not professionals and do not receive training by the Adopt-a-Senior program in landscaping, gardening, painting, etc.

Adopt-a-Senior Program Materials

NEW: Appointments for Paper Applications!

We are now accepting appointments for you to pick up and/or drop off paper applications for the Adopt-a-Spot program for interested seniors. (Volunteer applications are still only accepted online.) Make an appointment to complete your paper application by calling registration at 510-620-6793 today. Make sure you bring your valid ID to your appointment.