Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the FY 2020-2022 Love Your Block Mini-Grant Program

Q: Can I submit multiple applications?
A: Yes, but only one can be awarded.

Q: What are considered rental fees?
A: Rental fees refer to renting a park or facility for use.

Q: Can you provide an example of the 30% maximum for stipends/professional services?
A: An example would be hiring an professional artist to help with a public art element in your proposal. If the total budget for your entire proposal is $10,000, then the maximum the professional artist can be paid is $3,000 for their services. $3,000 is 30% of $10,000.

Q: What is the difference between Administration Fees and Fiscal Sponsorship Fees?
A: Administration Fees refer to the staff time or costs associated with the implementing entity. Fiscal Sponsorship Fees refer to administration fees incurred by a fiscal sponsor organization. The only time an application would include both fees in the mini-grant budget would be if the applicant is an organization utilizing a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor that charges fiscal sponsorship fees.

Q: Do organizations that have existed in Richmond for a longer period of time receive an advantage when their applications are evaluated?
A: No. It is not part of the scoring criteria.

Q: My organization is fiscally sponsored by Organization A, and I am applying for a mini-grant. Can Organization A and other organizations that are fiscally sponsored by Organization A submit applications and be awarded?
A: Yes. Each organization can submit their own application, even if they are fiscally sponsored by the same organization.

Q: If my organization is awarded a mini-grant this year, will I be eligible to apply in the next cycle? Will I be able to be awarded two or more years in a row?
A: This is to be determined. It is likely, however, that an applicant awarded this year will not be eligible during the next cycle.

Q: Will Love Your Block consider awarding more than the stated total of $80,000 across all applications?
A: No. No more than $80,000 in funds will be awarded.

Q: Is there a possibility that I can be awarded less than my grant request?
A: Yes, but only in one particular circumstance: if the remaining amount of funding to be awarded is less than the next highest scored application. Otherwise, all applications selected to receive a mini-grant will receive the full amount requested.

Q: What are examples of metrics that I can collect?
A: Check out the final report that all grantees will have to complete. There is a metrics form with required metrics. You can use these as the metrics you can collect (since it's required anyway!) or you can come up with your own that is specific to your project. For example, if you are applying to paint a mural with community volunteers, some metrics you could collect include: number of volunteer recruited, number of volunteer hours of service, and square footage of space painted.

Q: What kind of insurance will I have to get?
A: If you are awarded a mini-grant, you will have to maintain Type 5 insurance requirements as specified in this insurance document. The insurance must be maintained through the duration of the grant.

Q: Do I have to write in every single detail of what I propose to do, and have all of the coordination put together?
A: No. Some elements of your proposal may be generalized. If so, you should note that your proposal is generalized because details are contingent on X, Y, and/or Z. For example, you can identify an area that you and volunteers are proposing to landscape. You do not have to specify the plants or type of irrigation (if applicable) you are going to utilize. Instead, you can note that you will be consulting with City staff or other professionals to figure out these details if you are awarded the grant. Your budget can include a line item for "plants" and another line item for "irrigation" rather than specific types of plants or irrigation materials.

Q: Will you review my application and give me feedback?
A: Yes. Love Your Block staff are offering office hours and e-mail support to help your application meet eligibility requirements specified in the guidelines. Staff will review applications on an as-available basis. If you submit an application early, we may review your application and make sure it is eligible and that all attachments have been provided. We will provide you feedback and give you the option to revise your application. Any revisions must be made and submitted by the deadline, or they will not be accepted.