Arts and Culture Ordinances, Policies and Procedures

The following Arts and Culture Ordinances, Policies and Procedures documents were adopted on May 4th and May 18, 2021. The documents are awaiting final signatures and the documents below will be updated to show the signatures.

To view the documents throughout the update process, please visit: Draft Proposed Updates to Arts and Culture Documents

There some decisions that need to be made prior to the implementation of these ordinances, policies, and procedures. Please provide your ideas and feedback for each of the questions below. Please provide your ideas, feedback, and options to answer these questions using this form: Implementation Questions - Arts and Culture Ordinances, Policies, and Procedures.

Timeline: The goal is for RACC and PAAC to vote on decisions at the June 22 combined meeting. We would like all feedback and suggestions by Wednesday, June 2. After voting at the June 22 meeting, we will begin combined meetings of RACC and PAAC starting in August 2021.