Mayor’s Office

The City of Richmond released a statement regarding the $850,000 settlement agreement made between the City and the family of Mr. Perez. Click here to view the statement and click here to view the settlement agreement.

On January 26, 2016 the mayor delivered the State of the City address. To view a copy of the presentation click here and to view the video recording click here.

The Richmond Promise Scholarship Program officially launched on January 26! Please visit the Richmond Promise website for information on eligibility, requirements, applications and more.

Richmond Public Works Dept. has sand bags available for residents in anticipation of heavy rains. For more information read our advisory and you can call (510) 231-3011.

Thank you for visiting my homepage.  I am honored to serve as your Mayor. 

My staff and I are proud to work closely with our excellent city staff – from Police to Planning, Recreation to Housing, and the many more who work tirelessly to manage the city and put our collective vision in-motion.

I recently delivered the annual State of the City address which gives an overview of the city's current statistics and trends and covered my key priority areas: Economic Development, Environment and Sustainability, and Quality of Life. You can find a link to the presentation here

I look forward to building on the many successes we have achieved and reaching forward to Richmond's best years to come.   

Mayor Tom Butt