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Our department serves a diverse community of approximately 102,000 residents over a large geographic area that includes 32 miles of shoreline, numerous residential neighborhoods, an active port, significant industrial and technology resources, major retail and business centers, and several thousand acres of park land.

Richmond is a city of contrasts. It's no secret our community has struggled for decades with crime and other problems common to many urban areas. Although much of the violence in Richmond is concentrated to relatively small sections of the city, its impact is felt city-wide, and residents in every neighborhood share a desire for a safer community. Read more.

Policing Bureau
The Richmond Police Department has undergone rapid growth and evolution over the past several years. Concurrently, we have and will continue to adopt, tailor and perfect the best practices in the field in order to maintain a balanced fusion of effective policing methodologies that support and enhance our crime reduction and crime prevention goals.  Read more.

Would you like Explorers at your event?
We often receive requests for RPD Explorer Post 110 presence or assistance at public events. We try to accommodate those requests as we are able. We now have a new process for requesting RPD Explorers at events and we're asking you to submit your requests online using the Police Explorer Event Request form found on the Police Explorer Program page. This will help us expedite your application and track them more efficiently.  Please check very important information about having our award-winning RPD Explorers at your event on the Police Explorer Program page. 
Award Winning Explorers!

Victim Advocacy
The Richmond Police Department is concerned about crime victims and families in crisis.  Please take a look at our new Victim Advocacy webpage for information related to our partnerships with victim advocacy groups and the newly opened West Contra Costa Family Justice Center at the RPD substation in Hilltop Mall.


You can find instructions for using the CrimeView software at this link. CrimeView is located along the left side menu bar.

Richmond Police Department Turns 100!

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Learn a thin slice of Richmond Police Department history by viewing our Century of Service page.

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