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1. Use COR Connect for questions, complaints, compliments?
2. What is the Graffiti, Illegal Dumping and Blight Hotline?
3. Report sewer emergencies or odors?
4. Report a spill in the storm drainage?
5. Report street potholes?
6. Report an abandoned vehicle?
7. Obtain a building permit?
8. Report graffiti?
9. Pay traffic tickets?
10. Obtain a business license?
11. Report City tree problems?
12. Obtain water service or report a broken water pipe?
13. Request a birth, marriage or death certificate?
14. Report a broken or burned out street light?
15. Report a non-functioning traffic signal?
16. Apply for a job within the City?
17. Obtain a schedule of City meetings?
18. Contact the landfill and recycling center?
19. Start garbage pick-up service?
20. Obtain info regarding low interest home repair loans?
21. What do I do if my sanitary sewer lateral is damaged by trees?
22. Obtain a permit for a block party?
23. Obtain a permit for a special event or parade?
24. Obtain a film permit?