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File a Termination of Tenancy Notice

  1. This form may be used to file notice of termination of tenancy for MULTIPLE Rental Units. List each Rental Unit and accompanying information below, or, if there are more than five (5) Rental Units in which a tenancy is being terminated, upload an Excel file with all required fields.

  2. In accordance with RMC 11.100.060(s)(1) and Rent Board Regulation 17-10, Landlords are required to file a copy of all tenancy termination notices with the Rent Board within two (2) business days after service on the Tenant. A Proof of Service with time and date of service must be included with the copy of the notice filed with the Rent Board. Please complete and submit the following form to file a copy of the notice to terminate tenancy with the Rent Board.

  3. Please include all tenants on the lease.

  4. If a Landlord seeks to file a notice of termination of tenancy on more than five (5) Rental Units, please list ALL Rental Units and Unit # or Unique Address in a separate Excel sheet and upload it below. Please note: only sheets in Excel format that match and include ALL fields identified below will be accepted.

  5. Date by which the Tenant must vacate the Rental Unit.

  6. Date by which the Tenant must vacate the Rental Unit

  7. Date by which the Tenant must vacate the Rental Unit

  8. Date by which the Tenant must vacate the Rental Unit

  9. Date by which the Tenant must vacate the Rental Unit

  10. If the Landlord seeks to terminate tenancy for Breach of Lease (RMC 11.100.050(a)(2), Nuisance (RMC 11.100.050(a)(3), or Failure to Give Access (RMC 11.100.050(a)(4), a written warning notice must be served by the Landlord within a reasonable period prior to serving a notice to terminate tenancy. The written warning notice shall inform the Tenant that a failure to cure may result in the initiation of eviction proceedings (RMC 11.100.050(d)).

  11. For any termination of tenancy for Breach of Lease, Nuisance, or Failure to Give Access, please upload ONE PDF file including all copies of any written warning notice(s) served to the tenant(s) prior to termination of tenancy.

  12. Please upload ONE or MULTIPLE PDF file(s) containing a copy of (1) all termination of tenancy notice(s) that will be served on the Tenant(s) identified above and (2) a completed Proof of Service form with time and date of service for EACH notice served. PLEASE NOTE that any notice of termination of tenancy served for a "no-fault" cause, including Substantial Repairs, Owner Move-In, or Withdrawal from the Rental Market, shall include the completed Notice of Entitlement to Temporary or Permanent Relocation Payment (RMC 11.102.040(a)). This form is available in the Notice Templates below. Please carefully review the template which corresponds to the cause for eviction or termination of tenancy.

  13. Landlords may refer to the following notice of termination of tenancy templates posted on the Rent Program website and accessible at the links below. Landlords are welcome to use their own notices so long as they contain all of the information provided in these templates.

  14. Declaration: I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that this information and every attached document, statement and form is true and correct. I certify that this property is in compliance with all provisions of the City of Richmond’s Fair Rent, Just Cause for Eviction, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance, including, but not limited to, payment of all applicable registration fees and penalties.

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