CAL-Card Program

What is the CAL-Card 

ü      The CAL-Card is specially designed (so that it can not be easily confused with a personal credit card) Visa credit card to be used for some types of work-related purchases that are paid for by the City. 

ü      The CAL-Card is used to reduce the number of purchase orders and vendor payment checks for small dollar amounts.  Prior to CAL-Card implementation, the complete Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice Receipt and Check Preparation and Mailing process was used for purchases of as little as $5.  This complex process is both too time consuming and costly to be effective use of City resources. 

ü      The CAL-Card does not replace the Richmond Municipal Code or Administrative Manual Travel and Expense policy.  For example, written quotations are still required and travel requests must still be approved. 

ü      The CAL-Card is to be used by the cardholder only.  No member of a cardholder’s staff, family, supervisor or anyone else may use the card for their benefit or sign on behalf of the cardholder. 

Who May Have a CAL-Card

ü      Department Directors may request a CAL-Card for any City employee who needs to make purchases or travel as part of their normal or emergency duties.  Contracted employees (such as those acquired by personnel services contract or through an employment agency) may not be issued a CAL-Card since they are not City employees. 

ü      Employees who only require the card for use in an emergency will be issued a card with a minimal purchase limit that will be immediately increased when the emergency occurs. 

ü      CAL-Cards are not issued without a specific employee name on them and are not issued to Departments for the general use of any member of the Department.  Any City employee who directly contacts a vendor by walking in the store, calling on the phone, or making an on-line purchase through the Internet should possess the CAL-Card. 

Obtaining the CAL-Card

ü      Submit the CAL-Card Request Form to the Purchasing Division.  Make sure that all sections are completed, specially the account strings, requested purchase limits (both single transaction and monthly (30-day cycle)) and that the form has been signed by the Approving Official. 

ü      The Purchasing staff will process the application and order the card.  The Purchasing Division will notify each applicant when his or her CAL-Card has been received. Normal turn-around time for this process is 7 working days.