Employee Task Force

September 2007 

Employee Task Force explores ways to make meaningful change in City
Based on the community survey results, the City is looking for ways to implement visible improvements in the delivery of public services.  This is fundamental to restoring the City of Richmond public credibility as a viable, responsive local government agency.

The first step in this improvement effort was to hold employee focus groups intended to give all employees the opportunity to participate in shaping the organization’s future.  There were twenty-four of these focus groups comprising a total of 484 participants.  The meetings focused on the survey results, identifying what the City does well and not so well, as well as ideas for possible solutions for positive change.  This input was captured in a report prepared by the Mejorando Group, the facilitator retained by the City.


The next step in the process was the formation of an Employee Task Force made up of 22 representatives of various City departments to take the results of the community survey and the results of the Mejorando Group report to come up with ideas and suggestions that could be translated into meaningful change.


The Employee Task Force met twice on September 19th and 20th and completed the initial phase of its work, which included translating the input from the community and the report into four main areas.  After much discussion, these sub-groups were formed:


1.       City Services

2.       Employee Relations/Internal

3.       Infrastructure

4.       Communication


Each Task Force member serves on one of the sub-groups. In October, all sub-groups presented a set of short-term and long-term recommendations that would positively impact their specific area of concern.  The Task Force reviewed and discussed the list of recommendations and voted on the top recommendations to move forward with.  The top six recommendations are:


n       Increase Youth Activity Opportunities

n       Training

n       Create or sponsor a Richmond “City Guide”

n       Re-Brand “The Richmond Way

n       Establish staffed central information desk

n       Each department develop action plan for reaching budgeted performance measures


The Task Force finalized their work and presented it to the City Manager and Senior Managers in November 2007. Senior Managers agreed that all six recommendations should be implemented and requested that Task Force members (1) share its recommendations with all city employees in both city-wide meetings and staff meetings and (2) provide them with action plans for implementing each recommendation that would identify tasks and resources needed.


The Task Force completed 17 presentations to City staff in December 2007. Based on sign-in sheets from the 4 City Hall presentations, 189 employees attended (this is minus the fire and police presentations which both appeared to have great turn outs). From all of the presentations, approximately 30 employees showed interest in participating in at least 1 of the 4 Task Force subgroups to help implement the recommended strategies (click here for list of interested employees).  The presentations generated great thoughts, concerns, questions, etc. from employees that will be integrated into the implementation plans (click here for the summary).

Employees will be kept in the loop as subsequent steps are developed for implementation of the prioritized recommendations and how they can participate.