Number of Registered Voters in the City of Richmond reported to the Secretary of State as of 

February 10, 2023, is 57,568

Municipal Elections and Voter Registration Information

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City Initiative Process
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Primary Election - June 7, 2022

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General Election - November 8, 2022

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Election Cycles - updated August 2021

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Past Elections

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Matching Funds History

 - Ordinance No. 10-14 N.S.

See Chart of Disbursements from 2008 to present
Reduction of Total Amount of Matching Funds Began with the 2018 Election

Petition In Lieu of Filing Fee - Complete an Affidavit 

Affidavit of Financial Worth in Support of In-Lieu Petition
Ordinance No. 6-81 N.S. - Filing Fees 

Recall Procedures

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