Urban Forest Advisory Committee

Duties and responsibilities to be undertaken by the Urban Forest Advisory Committee:
  • To create a robust plan for urban forestry to aggressively expand the City of Richmond’s tree canopy through tree planting and tree care initiatives; to recommend programs, policies and ordinances to implement and promote the City’s Urban Greening Master Plan and the General Plan, and to coordinate with Public Works staff regarding management and maintenance efforts;
  • To serve in an advisory capacity, as a citizen thought partner and clearinghouse for the exchange of information and ideas with the City of Richmond, City Council, other commissions and citizens of Richmond for all tree planting and tree care initiatives;
  • To promote and foster public awareness, education, advocacy and support for urban forestry in the City of Richmond;
  • To foster volunteer opportunities related to urban forestry;
  • To create public-private partnerships with businesses and non-profit organizations that support urban forestry initiatives.
  • Resolution No. 157-98 and Resolution No. 110-15
  • Meetings are the third Monday of every month (except city holidays) at 6:00 p.m. in the Richmond Room, 450 Civic Center Plaza.
  • Minimum seven members - maximum eleven members
  • Residents
  • Three-year terms - Three Consecutive Terms Limit
  • 4 Vacancies (as of 3/15/2022) - Application


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Staff Liaison: Greg Hardesty
City Council Liaison: Eduardo Martinez



Term Expiration

Sidonia Aguilera

11/23/2021 11/17/2024 
Laurie Isenberg

 02/04/2020  11/17/2023
Toody Maher 05/19/2015

Rebecca Orme 04/06/2021  11/17/2024
Robert Stanley

03/15/2022 11/17/2024
Paula Urtecho, Chair  02/19/2019 11/17/2021

Stewart Winchester 01/12/2016
(final term) 11/17/2024
*filling unexpired term