Permits & Requests

Transportation permits and encroachment permits are submitted via eTRAKiT

Traffic calming inquiries can be submitted with our Traffic Calming Request form. For more information on traffic calming please visit our Traffic Calming page

If you have questions regarding any of the permits listed above, please contact our office at Phone 510-307-8091.

  1. Accessible Curb Ramp Request
  2. Encroachment Permit
  3. Sidewalk, Driveway Approach, Curb/Gutter Permit (Concrete)
  4. Land Development Application Form
  5. Oversized/Over Weight Load Permit

Richmond residents can request an accessible curb ramp upgrade by submitting the Accessible Curb Ramp Request Form to the Engineering Department for review.

The City has limited funds and cannot immediately respond to all requests or make all pedestrian routes fully accessible. Removal of barriers along streets has to be prioritized. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Curb Ramp Upgrade Program constructs and retrofits ramps based on the priority criteria determined by the ADA Transition Plan. These criteria include requests by persons with disabilities seeking full and equal access; routes that serve public entities, including State and local government offices and facilities; transportation corridors; places of public accommodation; employment centers; and walkways serving other areas. The City also anticipates upgrading curb ramps in coordination with public works projects and the City’s Pavement Rehabilitation Program.