Sustainable Government

The City of Richmond is dedicated to being an environmentally-sustainable city. Through efforts in waste reduction, energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy, land use and transit planning, green jobs, and other activities, the City of Richmond can achieve multiple benefits, including saving energy and money, reducing its environmental impact, and improving economic vitality and quality of life in our community. Included below are a few examples of actions and policies demonstrating the City's recognition of the importance to lead by example.

Richmond's Purchasing Policy 

The City adopted an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy to formally direct the City's effort in procuring environmentally preferable products, materials, and services. City employees are charged with making environmentally preferable purchasing choices, such as purchasing recycled content paper, energy efficient appliances, green cleaning products, and even a fuel-efficient fleet for City vehicles. 

Green Business Certification


The City was certified as a "Green Business" under Contra Costa County's Green Business Program. The mission of the Green Business Program is to strengthen and sustain the quality of the environment in Contra Costa County through a collaborative partnership of public and private organizations that encourages, enables and recognizes businesses taking action to prevent pollution and conserve resources. Green business certification is free. Learn more about how you can certify your business or green your business.

Green Energy Initiatives
All city electricity accounts are powered by electricity purchased from MCE, which significantly reduces the City's greenhouse gas impact. The City has upgraded all City facilities lighting systems and controls, and has upgraded all City street lights, underpasses, and decorative lights to energy efficient LED technology. Several city facilities including 450 Civic Center Plaza, the Richmond Library, and Richmond Memorial Auditorium have been solarized to generate clean electricity onsite.