History & Vision


 NURVE was co-founded in 2002 by the East Bay Community Foundation and the Richmond Children's Foundation (now the Richmond Community Foundation) with the goal to revitalize the area surrounding the Nystrom Elementary School through significant capital improvement projects, programming and community partnerships, and greater connections between stakeholders. The stakeholders involved in NURVE strongly believe that community needs can be addressed through meaningful collaboration and local, neighborhood-based revitalization that can help transform the community into one that is healthy and vibrant. 


 Our vision is to create "a safe, diverse and thriving place, where kids walk to quality schools, people of all ages use the parks and community facilities, and a variety of housing options meet the needs of local residents."

 NURVE stakeholders envision a safe, diverse, and thriving place where:

  • Quality schools are located;  
  • A variety of housing options are open to residents with a range of incomes; 
  • People of all ages use the parks, community facilities and trails; 
  • Residents have access to fresh, healthy food; 
  • Quality health and social services are nearby; 
  • Employment and job training services are provided; 
  • Excellent transit and pedestrian-friendly pathways connect the community; 
  • Companies/businesses compete to locate; and 
  • Community members are engaged, needs are met and a sense of ownership is created.