CAL-Card Handbook

Table of Contents

Section 1 - CAL-Card Manual


General Information

Credit Limits

Miscellaneous Regulations

Replacing the CAL-Card

Travel Expense and Meal and Food Purchases


Section 2 - How to Reconcile the Monthly Statement of Account


Processing the Monthly Statement of Account

Section 3 - Disputed and Returned Items

Disputed Items

Instructions for Disputing a Sales Transaction

Lost/Stolen Cards

Fraud Response Procedures


Section 4 - Organizational Responsibility

U.S. Bank

City of Richmond, Purchasing Division

City of Richmond, Accounts Payable Division

Approving Official / (Supervisor)



Section 5 - Reference

Section 6 - Forms

    Cardholder and Approving Official Purchase Card Agreement
    CAL-Card Request Form
    CAL-Card Reconciliation Checklist
    CAL-Card Lost/Missing Receipt Form
    Missing Tax Form
    (CSQI) Cardholder Statement of Questioned Item
    Request For Travel/Training Form
    Food and Meal Expense Documentation Form
    IT Purchase Authorization

Section 7 - CAL-Card Monthly Review and Audit Process