Fire Operations Division

The largest division within the Richmond Fire Department is its Operations Division.  The Operations Division is responsible for emergency medical services, fire suppression, mitigation of disasters, and rescue activities.   

Operations Division firefighters inspect commercial and waterfront facilities on an annual basis. In addition to emergency work, Operations Division members provide a wide range of services to the Richmond community, including tours of fire stations and apparatus and fire and life safety presentations.


The Operations Division is comprised of three platoons which staff the eight companies. There are seven engine companies and one truck company. All eight companies are supervised by a Battalion Chief who is responsible for the emergency and administrative activities of all members assigned to those companies.

Personnel are assigned to seven stations
throughout the city and respond to 11,000 alarms per year. Approximately 77% of all emergency calls are for medical service. All personnel are trained to the level of EMT and Haz Mat First Responder Operational.

Special Resources

  • Hazardous Materials Response Team, located at Station 64.
  • Rescue Unit located at Station 67 which serves the Richmond Parkway, I-580, and I-80.
  • Rescue Unit located at Station 68 which serves the Richmond Parkway and I-80.
  • Breathing Support Unit, located at Station 61.
  • Fire Boat Victory, housed in the Richmond Marina.