Arts & Culture

Arts and culture define Richmond as a community, helping to shape a unique identity that sets us apart from other urban areas.

Arts and culture are fundamental to the quality of life enjoyed by our residents, whose broad cultural diversity and historical contributions make Richmond so historically rich.

Images in the slideshow on this page are of art acquired and on display at the renovated Civic Center complex. Hover over the image for title, medium, and artist name.

City of Richmond Artist Database Form

The City of Richmond Artist Database Form is an opportunity for local artists from all media and genres available for art projects in Richmond to provide their information to the City. If you are a local artist, please fill out this form: City of Richmond Artist Database Form.

Please note: This survey is a public document and the responses are subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Act. In response to a Public Records Request, the City does not disclose personal emails and personal phone numbers. The City will produce the record but redact the personal information.

Artist Database Form_

Arts and Culture Survey

The Richmond City Manager's Office Economic Development, Arts and Culture Division invites you to share your opinion about the arts and culture in Richmond through filling out this Richmond Arts and Culture Survey. Please visit the survey at,

Your input will be shared with the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC) and the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) and will be used to inform future planning. Responses received by May 13 will be shared at the May 15 Planning Retreat.  

For any questions, please contact Winifred Day at (510) 620-6952 or by email at

Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC)
CALL FOR POETS - Richmond Poet Laureate Competition

Application Release Date: April 1, 2021

Application Deadline: May 3, 2021 @ 5:00 p.m.


In 2012, the City of Richmond awarded the first Poet Laureate prize. Through this Call for Poets, the City of Richmond's Arts and Culture Commission (RACC), in partnership with the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) is seeking a Poet Laureate, who will be a Richmond resident during the two-year term.  We recognize that poetry is accessible to people from all walks of life, gives voice, and speaks to the hearts, minds and souls of children, youth and adults in our community. Poetry is an important part of our culture, and history, reflecting our experiences in deep ways that connect humans together emotionally and spiritually.  Reading and writing poetry helps us process intense emotions, share our stories, and experiment with language in ways that no other art form does. It also enhances our literacy skills in vocabulary, critical analytical skills, and in reading fluency and comprehension. The Richmond resident selected for this position will represent the City of Richmond.

To apply, please visit Call for Poets: FY 2021-23 Poet Laureate.

All inquiries related to this Poet Laureate Competition should be directed to

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Poet Laureate FY 21-23


Poet Laureate Application

Arts and Culture Community Workshops

The City of Richmond City Manager’s Office, Economic Development, Arts and Culture Division invites you to Arts & Culture Community Workshops. We want to share and seek input on the proposed updates to the Arts & Culture related ordinances, policies, and procedures.

These community workshops will provide an opportunity for Richmond residents to:

  • Learn about the Arts & Culture Division, including the Public Art Program
  • Review proposed updates to Arts and Culture documents, including Public Art Program documents, Performing Arts and Temporary Artwork on City-Owned Property document, and more
  • Provide input on the upcoming changes to the Arts and Culture ordinances, policies, and procedures

Servicios de interpretación en español están disponibles a petición al registrarse 48 horas antes de los talleres. If you require Spanish translation, please request it while registering 48 hours prior to the meeting.

The agenda for the workshop can be viewed here: Arts and Culture Community Workshop Agenda.

Workshop Dates and Registration:

To view the 3/30 and 3/31 community workshop recordings and the presentation, please visit:

Draft Arts and Culture Ordinances, Policies, and Procedures - Proposed Updates

The draft Arts and Culture ordinances, policies, and procedures are in the process of being updated to keep up to date with best practices developed since the documents were adopted. The current draft documents are linked below. These documents are PENDING LEGAL REVIEW.

Please email any comments or questions regarding the documents to Winifred Day, Arts and Culture Manager, at

Arts and Culture Community Workshop Flyers

Arts and Culture Community Workshop Flyer - English
Arts and Culture Community Workshop Flyer - Spanish