Certificate of Lateral Compliance (COLC)

The Certificate of Lateral Compliance verifies the following:
  1. The lateral is in good operating condition
  2. There is a back flow prevention or overflow device in place
  3. No inspection is needed for the time period specified which can be up to 15 years.
The Certificate can't be issued until a City Construction Inspector verifies compliance. Lateral Grant payment will not be awarded until the Certificate is obtained.
To obtain the certificate, you must first fill out the WRR Application & Credit Card Authorization Form. This is a fill-able form which can be filled out online, printed, or filled out by hand. The completed form(s) can be emailed to wrr@ci.richmond.ca.us or faxed to 510-307-8195.  It may take 3-5 business days to process the request.  The certificate will be emailed after the payment is posted. 

If ALL inspections have been APPROVED, the certificate can be issued same day.  The request must be submitted in person at the Water Resource Recovery counter located at 450 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor.  Counter Hours: M-F 8:30am-4pm  (Closed for Lunch 12pm-1pm).

When is a Certificate Required?

A Certificate of Lateral Compliance will be issued after a sewer lateral has been satisfactorily tested, without repair, or repaired and/or replaced. This Certificate will be valid until a subsequent inspection is performed and a new Certificate issued, or fifteen (15) years which ever comes first. Certificates will be filed with the COR Water Resource Recovery Department. A 
Certificate will be valid until subsequent testing is performed and a new Certificate issued for the following periods of time:

- Sale of Property
- Upgrades and Remodeling
- Issuance of a Building Permit
- Evidence of an improper sewer connection
- Exceptions
- Waiver of Inspections

Sale of Property

Whenever a property is to be sold or there is a transfer of title, a sewer Certificate of Lateral Compliance” must be obtained. The procedures herein must be followed by the property owner to obtain a Certificate of Lateral Compliance.

Upgrades and Remodeling

Whenever property located in the City of Richmond is remodeled to include the addition of two or more plumbing fixtures that discharge into a sanitary sewer system, the sewer lateral(s) to the property shall be tested. Before final building inspection, all repairs or replacements necessary to bring a lateral into compliance shall be performed.

Issuance of a Building Permit

When a building permit is issued by the City or County requires compliance with all applicable Codes.

Evidence of an improper sewer connection

Failure of the property owner to comply with RMC section 12.17.020 or 12.17.040 may require them to conduct testing by direction of the City Engineer and obtain a Certificate of Lateral Compliance at any time. (RMC12.17.080)