Code Enforcement Division

Please note, that our office is currently closed to walk-in patron until further notice in accordance with the Contra Costa County Health Officer’s Order. Code Enforcement Officers are accepting telephone, in-person or virtual appointments with each appointment in 30 minute increments and will be limited to 10 per day. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the Code Enforcement Officer listed on the notice. No more than two people will be allowed to attend the in-person appointment. All attendees will be required to wear a face covering and no one who appears sick will be allowed to attend. While in-person appointments are being held, staff reserves the right to conduct a virtual meeting in-lieu of an in-person meeting if it's determined that the assistance can be provided through other means.

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing provisions of the Richmond Municipal code involving quality of life and neighborhood issues such as:

• Vacant or abandoned properties
• Health & Safety violations
• Junk, debris, garbage in public view
• Overgrown vegetation
• Inoperable and/or abandoned vehicles on private property
• Unapproved parked vehicles on private property
• Bed bug infestation
• Graffiti abatement
• Business license enforcement
• Zoning violations
• Illegal dumping
• Illegal or unpermitted fences
• Illegal or unpermitted signs
• Animal nuisances