Shelter In Place Procedures

Shelter-Shut-Listen when the siren sounds!

Shelter-In-Place Procedures

The following shelter-in-place procedures are recommended as the best first response after the Safety Sirens are sounded.


  • Go inside your home or nearest building.
  • Bring pets in, if possible.
  • Officials at the Fire Department, the Health Department, and the Office of Emergency Services agree that in the case of chemical accident, people who shelter indoors are much safer than those people who remain outside and are exposed to the chemicals.


  • Close doors and windows.
  • Use window and door locks to create a better seal.
  • Turn off ventilation systems such as heating, air conditioners, and fans.
  • Make sure your vents and fireplace flue are closed.


  • Turn on your radio and television for information and further instruction.
  • The community warning system is designed to provide Contra Costa County specific information directly to the media. Public access television will have ongoing status reports and information.
  • Avoid using the telephone unless you have a life-threatening emergency. 

Contra Costa County Community Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER)

Go to  CAER's website for further tips.

Contact Information

If you have questions, contact:
440 Civic Center Plaza
Attn: Office of Emergency Services
Richmond, CA 94804