Health Equity Data, Training and Report Card

The Richmond Heath Equity Partnership (RHEP) is committed to measuring and tracking the implementation of the Community Health and Wellness Element (CHWE) and its subsequent impacts on Richmond's social, environmental and health conditions. Data and information systems play an important role in achieving the vision laid out in the CHWE as well as the goals of RHEP. Richmond Health Equity Partners, Contra Costa Health Services, West Contra Costa Unified School District and the City of Richmond, will track, review and leverage key data and information to guide, and evaluate and fine-tune ongoing health equity efforts in Richmond. Selected health equity indicators and a system for data collection and analysis will help to build the capacity of staff and community members to consider health data and to track CHWE implementation progress.

Health Equity Data

Indicators are useful tools for prioritizing available data, tracking progress and measuring success toward greater health equity. The RHEP Health Equity Data, Training and Report Card Subcommittee has begun to select a set of health equity indicators that include relevant and actionable neighborhood-level data sources. These indicators will not only include traditional public health measures like obesity and asthma, but also indicators for social determinants of health like  access to fresh and healthy foods and community engagement. The collaborative process of selecting the indicators will involve RHEP’s institutional partners as well as community based organization and community members.

Health Equity Report Card

The Health Equity Report Card will function as a tracking system through which the indicators can be measured and progress can be evaluated. The Report Card will also provide a structure through which the City and RHEP partners can report findings both internally and externally to the larger Richmond community.

Health Equity Training

RHEP partners have become familiar with equity as a theory of change and as a desired outcome. Trainings will be developed based on the promising practices of cities, health departments and institutions that have implemented similar health equity policies. The trainings will be adapted to fit the unique needs and assets of the Richmond community.

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