Special Events and Film Permits

The City of Richmond recognizes the substantial benefits that result from community events and that a vibrant community life requires special events.  These events can provide cultural enrichment, promote economic vitality and enhance community identity.  Special Events may include festivals, weddings, quinceañeras, concerts, carnivals, circuses, parades, film shoots, block parties, or announced public gatherings held on a public street, right-of-way, grounds or public property, where gathering members of the public are invited or admitted with or without the payment of admission charges in any form.

Additionally, events in which the public is invited on private or public property which may affect public safety, health or welfare by its impact on surrounding public or private property, or which may involve an improper use of the property under other City ordinances, may be deemed as special events. 

Therefore, to ensure a successful event, a special event application, a street closure form, and, if applicable, a Sound Permit Application  must be submitted to Community Services Department's Office for approval.

If an event of over 200 attendants will take place in one of our facilities a Special Event Application and appropriate rental application will need to be completed. Please click Forms on the left navigation bar for additional forms and information.
In addition to the special event application, a film permit is necessary for any business or person engaging in the activity of filming, taking or producing motion pictures on movie film or electronic video tape for education, entertainment or other commercial purposes other than for news purposes.  Please refer to the Administrative Procedures and Guidelines for Motion Picture and Television Production for additional information.  For your convenience, you may use the Special Event Permit Checklist Form to guide you through the permitting process.

Richmond's Food Ware Ordinance

 NEW Addition Effective December 15, 2018: 

  • Food Providers, Retail Establishments, and Transient Lodging Establishments (ex: hotels, motels) cannot use, sell or distribute plastic straws and stirrers.
  • Food Providers can provided non-plastic alternative straws and stirrers upon request by customer.
  • Food Providers must use utensils and lids that are recyclable or compostable.
Effective Since 2014:
  • Retail Establishments (ex: grocery stores, hardware stores, markets, etc) cannot sell or rent products comprised entirely or primarily of polystyrene foam (Styrofoam).
  • Food Providers must use disposable food ware (ex: to-go containers, cups, bowls, plates, etc) that is recyclable or compostable. Reusable food ware encouraged when possible. 
  • A Food Provider (ex: cafes, restaurants, food trucks, etc) may charge a "take out fee" to customers to cover the cost difference.
 Litter such as straws, utensils, and cups, that are not reusable or fiber-compostable create tons of avoidable trash. It negatively impacts our natural and marine environment both locally and globally. The ordinance helps keep polystyrene foam and small plastics out of the streets, storm drains, and bodies of water. For additional information please click the following link: http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/1824/Food-Ware-Ordinance

For additional information, please contact Community Services Department at (510) 620-6793.