Administrative Citation Appeal

The following documents must be filled out and submitted together or this will be considered an incomplete request:

  • Administrative Hearing Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Notice of Appeal and Request for Hearing
  • Contestant's Statement

Submit a deposit in the amount of the contested citation (fine amount) in the form of a check or money along with the forms listed above. Please note that Administrative Hearing Requests submitted without the initial citation fine deposit or a Hardship waiver and supporting documents will not be processed.

  • The Hardship Waiver requires written proof of hardship if you are unable to pay the deposit.

Please select the hyperlink above (typed in blue) and type in the information.  You must print the completed form because no data will be saved.

Removing County Record Fees

Complete and submit a Demand Request form to Code Enforcement and allow 10 business days to process. Please call Shanita Harris at (510) 621-1282 with questions or concerns. Submit form by email or fax: or 510-621-1734

Registering A Vacant Property

The Richmond Municipal Code 6.38 and 2.62.040 establishes regulations related to Maintenance and Monitoring of Vacant Dwellings or Buildings. Vacant properties must be immediately secured and registered with the Code Enforcement Unit within 30 days of becoming vacant. Please fill out the required Registration Form and submit it to Code Enforcement. 

The annual fee of $158.00 for vacant property registration must be included in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check or money order at the time of registration to avoid invoicing, service charges and potential late fees. Registration forms submitted without payment will not be processed.