Richmond Pedestrian Plan

Pedestrian PlanOn November 1, 2011, the Richmond City Council adopted a new Pedestrian Plan which aims to improve the safety, convenience and appeal of walking throughout the city. The California Department of Transportation provided an Environmental Justice: Context-Sensitive Design Planning Grant to the City of Richmond, in partnership with the Local Government Commission (LGC), to fund the process and develop the plan. LGC is a Sacramento-based nonprofit organization that works with local leaders and agencies to build livable communities. LGC assembled a multi-disciplinary consultant team to provide transportation and urban design expertise.

Caltrans Environmental Justice Grants stress the importance of involving low income and minority communities in planning to improve mobility, access and safety, while promoting economic opportunity, equity, environmental protection and affordable housing. An extensive community-based process consisting of a series of meetings and neighborhood workshops was conducted in Central Richmond, the location of the City’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods, to study conditions and identify improvements that form the basis of the plan. Because conditions found in this area of Richmond are also common in other neighborhoods, the City intends to apply most of the solutions found in the Pedestrian Plan on a citywide basis.

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