Mapping Services

The City of Richmond offers a variety of GIS-based mapping services for accessing spatial information about the city. These services can assist city employees, businesses, and the general public in posing and answering locational questions. The recommended browser for utilizing the services is Internet Explorer.

The previous mapping services remain available. However, the data contained within them may be less current.
City of Richmond GIS Viewer
This site provides display and query access to the city's major data layers, such as roads, parcels, and parks. Capabilities for buffering and advanced searches are included.
PropertyInfo App
Property Information   (Tablet)   (Phone)
This site provides property information such as property address, land value and land use.  It also gives the ability to search for a particular parcel and zoom to that parcel on the map.
City of Richmond Neighborhood Services
This application provides the capability to search for a particular neighborhood and obtain neighborhood related information such as the location of schools, libraries and community centers.
CrimeView Community
These web sites provide access to law enforcement complaint information. They are intended to help members of the community learn about incident activity in their neighborhoods.
Orthophoto App
City of Richmond from the Air
This site provides aerial photography for the City of Richmond.  Photography was compiled in 2009.
Business License and Permit Search
This application provides the ability to rapidly access business license and permit related information in the city.
Zoning Information
This site provides zoning information down to the parcel level. It also gives the ability to search for a particular parcel based on address, or Assessor Parcel Number (APN).
Throwback Thursdays Tour
This application is a tour of the locations highlighted in the City's Throwback Thursdays feature.