Richmond Riviera

Richmond Riviera Perspective.png
Project Contact
Hector Lopez, Senior Planner
(510) 620-6702

Project Description
The project site includes 4.92 acres and is located south of the intersection of Marina Way South and Hall Avenue, near the southern terminus of Marina Way South.  The site consists of disturbed land from which most of the naturally occurring vegetation has been removed by previous grading, paving, filling, and compaction activities at the site.  Virtual Development Corporation proposes to develop the site with 59 single-family detached homes. The project would result in a density of 120 dwelling units per acre with a proposed population of 167 residents, and would include 134 parking spaces (118 garage spaces and 16 on-street spaces).  The 59 single-family detached homes would rise to a maximum height of three stories, or an average height of 34 feet 2 inches.