Atlas Road Industrial Building Project

atlas building
Project Contact
Jonelyn Whales, Senior Planner
(510) 620-6785

Project Description
The proposed project is located on a 42.14 acre site at 2995 Atlas Road, at the corner of Atlas and Giant Road. The project involves construction of a  700,000 square foot logistics building and associated parking, loading, and landscaping. The new building would include 40,000 square feet of office space and 687,820 square feet of warehouse space.  The height of the building would vary from 40 to 45 feet, and its length would be 1,506 feet. The site previously included two manufacturing buildings and one office building totaling approximately 593,500 square feet. The footprint of the new building would be similar as that of the previous structures. A  total of 427 vehicle parking spaces and 105 bicycles stalls are proposed for employees. Drive alsles on the site are proposed to be 25 and 30 feet wide for the employee parking area and the truck access area. Access to and from the site site would be via an existing access driveway off Atlas Road. No new driveways are proposed.