The Point Richmond Residential Project

PT Rich Res
 Project Contact  
  Hector Lopez, Senior Planner
  (510) 620-6702
Project Description

The proposed project would develop a total of 27 for-rent residential units on the site, including 12 one-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom flats/townhome units within three separate buildings. Approximately 1,065 square feet of ground floor commercial space would be included in one of the buildings. Building heights would range between two and three stories and would not exceed 34 feet. The proposed project would include a total of 19,256 square feet of useable open space (or 48 percent of the site). The proposed project would include a new access driveway through the existing Mechanics Bank parking lot. The new driveway would provide access to a new approximately 8,871-square-foot surface parking lot that would include on-site parking for 30 vehicles within the project site.