Crossroads Cafe

The sitcom appearing "Crossroads Café" helps learners build their English skills and cultural awareness.The series follow six main characters as they are challenged by their lives in America and learn how to communicate with others as they conquer their problems. 

Some of the "Crossroads Cafe" actors are: David Ackert (as Jamal Al Jabali), Cynthia Burr (as Katherine Blake), Alan Charof (as Victor Brashov), Gabriella De Marco (as Rosa), Walter Kim (as Henry), and David Kirkwood (as Jess Washington).  Appearing during the show's breaks are David Gilfillian (Narrator - "Culture Clips" segment) and Doug Stone (Professor Voice - "Word Play" segment).

The series is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between INTELECOM; Heinle & Heinle Publishers / Thomson Learning; the departments of education for the states of California, Illinois, Florida and New York; the US Department of Education; the United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service; and the US Information Agency.