Richmond Emergency Action Community Teams (REACT)


The Program

REACT/CERT was implemented, and is maintained under the leadership of the City of Richmond, Fire Department Office of Emergency Services. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is the federally and nationally most recognized name for REACT.  REACT/CERT students are trained by the Richmond Fire Department and certified volunteer community trainers.  REACT/CERT students receive 20 hours of free life saving training, plus attend disaster drills yearly. Upon completion of the training and drill, students graduate with a certificate, vest, and a hard hat imprinted with the CERT logo. 

Benefits of REACT / CERT

·        A major earthquake, or one of numerous other potential disasters, may occur in the city at any time, causing widespread damage and destruction to homes, highways, and businesses. Past disasters, such as the Loma Prieta earthquake, Northridge earthquake, and the Oakland Hills fire, have proven that in a disaster situation, people want to help. With the proper training they will assist, save lives and property in a safe manner, and be the "first responders on the scene.”

·        A disaster will likely disrupt normal activities.  Police, Fire, 9-1-1, and ambulances will be quickly overwhelmed, and may not be able to respond for up to 72 hours. Citizens need to be able to take care of themselves until the professional emergency responders arrive.

·        It is the responsible thing to do. The city alone cannot possibly respond to all. It is important to remember the following: Victims have a 99.3% chance of survival if rescued in the first 30 min. Victims have a 81% chance of survival if rescued in the first day. Victims have a 34 % chance of survival if rescued in the second day. Citizens will there wanting to help and it would be best if they are trained to respond and help each other.


REACT/CERT training is currently free to any citizen, neighborhood, school, church, employee, or business in the City of Richmond.  To find out more, please contact the Office of Emergency Services at (510) 620-6866. 

REACT / CERT Training Covers

·        Emergency preparedness in the home, neighborhood, and the workplace 

·        The city's emergency warning systems (Sirens, C.A.N., T.I.S.): what to do and when 

·        How to organize your neighborhood team 

·        Utility control: how and when to shut them off 

·        Fire fighting techniques, extinguishers 

·        Hazardous materials: in the home, workplace, on the roadways 

·        Terrorism Awareness 

·        Disaster medicine including bleeding, shock, airway obstruction; triage 

·        Light Search and Rescue 

·        Lifting heavy objects 

·        Damage Assessment 

·        Disaster Psychology 

·        Communications 



    ·        Neighbors are encouraged to train together to enhance teamwork and community.

·        A team is formed with a minimum of 15 people.

·        Teams consist of one Team Captain plus a Captain and an alternate for each of the following responsibility areas: Communications, Damage Assessment, Disaster Medical, Fire Suppression, Logistics, Search and Rescue, and Sheltering and Special Needs.
To view the schedule, please click Course Schedule. For more information, please contact the Office of Emergency Services at (510) 620-6866.

REACT / CERT Programs

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