Making Waves Academy Expansion Project

Project Contact:

Hector Lopez, Senior Planner
(510) 620-6702

Project Description

The proposed Making Waves Academy Expansion project would include the expansion of an existing middle and high school campus on Lakeside Drive from 6.45 acres to 20.25 acres. The school would increase student enrollment in grades 5 through 12 from approximately 800 to a maximum enrollment of 2,050, and increase the number of staff from 70 to 300. In addition to renovations to the existing three classroom buildings, the project would demolish approximately 165,387 square feet of existing one- and two-story commercial buildings on six parcels and construct three new classroom buildings and two new gymnasiums. Overall proposed development includes 208,986 gross square feet of new buildings, outdoor physical recreation areas (i.e., playing and sports fields, play structures and ball courts, recess yards), new landscaping and trees throughout the site, and associated parking and infrastructure improvements. The project also involves consolidation of the eight existing parcels that make up the site into three parcels and the abandonment of Technology Court. The new school campus would be configured with two distinct campuses to house middle and high school programs.