San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Project

General Project Overview 

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The San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Project is a federally funded corridor enhancement “complete streets” project that focuses on multimodal access, safety and connection along San Pablo Avenue between Rumrill Boulevard and La Puerta Road.

The City of San Pablo was awarded up to $5.978 million dollars in One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) funds from the regional bike and pedestrian program for the San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Project in City of San Pablo and City of Richmond city limits. Design and environmental review and construction management/inspection are jointly funded by the City of San Pablo and the City of Richmond each contributing $615,000. The City of San Pablo is the lead agency for the San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Project (“Project”).

Project Background

In 2012, the City of Richmond and the City of San Pablo began collaborating on a complete streets project for the segment of San Pablo Avenue located between Rivers Street and Hilltop Drive. In 2013, the San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Study was prepared by consultants to identify the needs and priorities improvements to facilitate auto, pedestrian, bicycle and transit trips within the through the corridor. The original project included design for the segment along San Pablo Avenue between Rumrill Boulevard and Hilltop Drive. Due to available project funding and final bid prices, the project limit is truncated at La Puerta Road in the northern end. The improvements along San Pablo Avenue between La Puerta Road and Hilltop Drive will be further developed in a future project by City of Richmond.

Project Key Elements

  • Modification of the existing road section to add Class 2 bike lanes in both directions of travel
  • Sidewalk installation on the west side of San Pablo Avenue from Rivers Street to La Puerta Road (southbound), and from Rivers Street to Lancaster Drive on the east side (northbound)
  • Removal of an existing slip lane into Robert H. Miller Drive and replacement of a right turn pocket
  • Installation of new traffic signal at La Puerta Road
  • Modification of existing traffic signals at Rivers Street and Robert H. Miller Drive
  • Construction of soil nail and concrete retaining walls to allow the roadway to be widened sufficiently to accommodate the new facilities for non-motorized roadway use
  • Along with these improvements the project will also include, traffic control, staking and layout, water pollution control, trenching, storm drainage installation, pavement striping, signage improvements, concrete and asphalt concrete installation, electrical, street light and landscaping improvements.

Construction Schedule and Impact

The San Pablo City Council awarded the construction contract to the lowest bidder, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. on February 20, 2018.

The contractor began construction in late March 2018. Traffic control including No Parking Signs will be placed as required for reasons of safety. Local access will be available at all times but may be subject to delays.

Project Team

Project Owner/Manager – Jill Mercurio, City Engineer/Public Works Director, City of San Pablo

                                             Tawfic Halaby, Senior Civil Engineer, City of Richmond

Project Construction Manager - Jaemin Park, Resident Engineer, Park Engineering, Inc.

Project Contractor – Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

Project Designer – BKF Engineers

Project Contact

If you have any questions regarding the project construction, please contact Jaemin Park, the Project Construction Manager for the project, at (925) 818-3756 or