Petition Forms

General Instructions for Filing a Rent Adjustment Petition:

Step 1: Prior to the submission of a Rent Adjustment Petition, it is recommended that all petitioners contact the Rent Program to speak with a Rent Program Services Analyst. Rent Program staff members remain available to assist members of the public by phone (510) 234-RENT[7368] and email ( during regular office hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:00PM. The Rent Program only provides remote counseling either by phone or Zoom. You may request an appointment by submitting an Appointment Request Form.

Step 2: Complete the Tenant or Landlord packet and applicable attachment(s).

Step 3: Serve a copy on all parties and complete the Proof of Service contained in the Tenant or Landlord packet.

Step 4: File an original copy with the Rent Program using the following method:

  • By mail: Mail to the City of Richmond Rent Program, Attn: Hearings Unit, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 200, Richmond, CA 94804
  • By Email: Attn: Hearings Unit at 

Petition Forms

For Tenant Use:

Tenant Petition Filing Instructions

Tenant Petition Packet (must be completed by all Tenants submitting a petition, in addition to the appropriate petition attachment)

Tenant Petition Attachments:

Attachment A: Excess Rent Due to Overcharges or Increase in Security Deposit

Attachment B: Excess Rent Based on Overpayment Due to the Condition of the Rental Unit and/or Reduction in Rent Due to Decrease in Space/Services; Substantial Deterioration; Failure to Provide Adequate Services; Failure to Comply with Codes or the Implied Warranty of Habitability

Attachment C: Reduction in Number of Tenants

Tenant Petition for Failure to Pay Relocation Payments

Tenant Petition for Rent Withholding for Failure to Register

For Landlord Use:

Landlord Petition Filing Instructions

Landlord Petition Packet for Individual Rent Adjustment (must be completed by all Landlords submitting a petition, in addition to the appropriate petition attachment)

Landlord Petition Attachments:

Attachment A: Petition for Rent Increase under Fair Return Standard: Maintenance of Net Operating Income (MNOI)
Access the Capital Improvements Amortization Cost Calculator

Attachment B: Increase in Number of Occupants Allowed

Attachment C: Change in Space or Services

Attachment D: Restoration of Denied Annual General Adjustments (AGAs)

Attachment E: Increase in Security Deposit Due to Addition of Pet(s)

Request for an Administrative Determination of Exempt Status

Petition to Determine Exempt Status

Waiver of Right to a Hearing

Other Petitions

Petition for Initial Rent Determination (To Reset or Maintain the Initial Rental Rate)

Petition for the Determination of Occupancy Status

For General Use:

Subpoenas and Subpoenas Duces Tecum

Proof of Service

Instructions for Filing an Appeal

Appeal of Hearing Examiner’s Decision

Request to Expedite Hearing Process

Rent Board Request for Reconsideration of Maintenance of Net Operating Income Petition (MNOI)