Creature Features

The best and mostly worst horror films ever made. Watch "Creature Features" on KCRT!

A reboot of the classic horror show with new host Vincent and his friends Tangella and Mr. Livingston. 

Based on the San Francisco Bay Area horror-host program made famous by Bob Wilkins in the 70’s and John Stanley in the 80’s on KTVU-Channel 2, this version stars Vincent Van Dahl, a former frontman for 90’s metal band “Prince of Darkness” who retired from music a few years back to pursue a quiet life in Bodega Bay at his newly-acquired home, The Poulter Manor. From this haunted mansion, he is joined by his peculiar housemate Tangella and his loyal valet Mr. Livingston to deliver the best guests and the worst movies to the entire Bay Area and around the world.

Some of the movies Vincent, Tangella, Mr. Livingston, and their special celebrity guests will present include "Phantom from Space" (1953)," "Lady Frankenstein" (1971), "Sisters of Death" (1976), "Plan 9 from Outer Space," (1959), "Monster from a Prehistoric Planet," (1967), and many others. 

Some of these episodes were originally aired on the former independent stations KOFY-TV and NorthBay TV. KCRT will air these editions with no commercial interruptions.