37th Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements

With funding from a grant from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), this project will build ADA-compliant curb ramps and install bike lanes on 37th Street between Cerrito Ave and Center Ave. Pedestrian count-down timers will be added to the signalized intersections on the route, at Barrett Ave and at Macdonald Ave. Project is substantially complete. 

Project Map

37th Street is highlighted as a Key Corridor in the city's Bicycle Master Plan and Pedestrian Plan (See page 71 in Chapter 3). The street represents the only vehicular, bikeable, and ADA accessible connection across the BART tracks between Carlson Blvd and I-80. This project will continue bike lanes previously installed on S 37th St from Wall Ave to Center Ave, including buffered bike lanes through the BART underpass. After additional work outside the scope of the grant funding, a signed and striped biking and walking corridor will stretch from McBryde Ave to Carlson Blvd, connecting several neighborhoods to shopping, transit, and other bikeways.