Miraflores Residential Development

Miraflores Residential Development Project

Project Contact:

Hector Lopez, Senior Planner
(510) 620-6702

Project Description

The proposed project consists of 22 detached multi-story buildings containing a total of 190 residential units, including 30 moderate-income units, on a 8.17-acre parcel. The proposed project includes modification of the Planned Area Plan to increase the total number of units from 150 to 190 and building increase building heights from 35 to 50 feet. This change is subject to approval by the City Council. The application also includes a request for approval of a Vesting Tentative Map for condominium and a Design Review permit. 

The For Sale Project also includes relocation of the following historic resources: A) The Sakai house; B) A Water tank; C) A Water tower and building; D) Greenhouse 20; E) The Oishi house; and F) A greenhouse or representative sample greenhouse adjacent to the Oishi house. Some of these historic buildings will be located on the project site and other, will be located within the Greenbelt Park. The Successor Agency will
be responsible for the rehabilitation of the structures.

The buildings will be constructed on 22 lots; the vast majority of the buildings are 9-plex consisting of 99 residential units. As proposed, Parcel A will be dedicated to the City for the placement of the Historic Sakai House. Parcels B to E will be used as water quality control and open space areas. Extension of right-of ways including Ohio Avenue, Florida Avenue, and South 47 Street will be dedicated to the City for public streets. A total of eight private roads are proposed off these public streets (Streets A to H).

The applicant will construct all public right-of-way improvements, including, but not limited to, new or upgraded utilities, streets, sidewalks, as well as the relocation of specific historic structures both on and off the project site. The applicant will also construct a tot playlot that would include several of the rehabilitated historic structures and a play structure (tot lot).

Project Location

The project area is bounded by South 45th Street to the west, Wall Avenue to the south, Interstate 80 to the east, and the BART tracks to the north.

Planning Commission Public Hearing - April 19, 2018, 6:30 PM, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Basement Level