Rheem Creek

Rheem Creek flows for about 3.4 miles and its watershed drains 2.8 square miles of land in Richmond, San Pablo, and the unincorporated communities of Rollingwood and North Richmond. Development and urbanization have greatly altered the habitat and function of the creek which now mainly runs in underground culverts and engineered channels, with little room for natural meanders and floodplains.Rheem watershed map crop3

Community-Based Ecological Solutions in the Rheem Creek Watershed

The City of Richmond, American Rivers, The Watershed Project, Restoration Design Group, the Coastal Conservancy and Contra Costa College have partnered on a multiphased project to restore ecological function to the Rheem Creek watershed while reducing the risk of flooding to nearby residents. The project aims to implement nature-based solutions placed throughout the watershed, benefiting people, wildlife, and the economy by restoring and enhancing riparian habitat, providing open space and educational opportunities, and improving the watershed’s ecological function, all of which will build climate change resilience.

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Stay tuned for updates on neighborhood outreach and community work events. For more information contact Patrick Phelan patrick_phelan@ci.richmond.ca.us or Aysha Massell amassell@americanrivers.org 

Rheem Creek Watershed Assessment and Conceptual Restoration Plan

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