Census 2020: Count me in Richmond! 

What is the Census? 

The Census is the process of counting each person living in the United States.

It happens every 10 years and it is organized by the
Census Bureau. 

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More basic information about the Census. [English]

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Count me in Richmond!

The City of Richmond is implementing a strategy to increase the response of the 2020 Census survey.

We want to ensure that every person in the City of Richmond can be counted in the 2020 Census and minimize the undercount in specific hard-to-count neighborhoods and populations.

Our main objectives are to:

1.Inform and engage Richmond’s population to complete the Census.

2.Increase the response in “hard-to-count” populations and neighborhoods.

3.Diminish language and resource-related barriers for Richmond’s population.


City of Richmond and City of San Pablo Census Caravan

On May 30th, the mayors of Richmond, Tom Butt, and San Pablo, Arturo Vargas, joined the Census 2020 Caravan that went through neighborhoods with low response rates, including Belding Woods, Iron Triangle, North Richmond, Santa Fe, and Coronado neighborhoods. The caravan had the objective of promoting awareness and sharing the phone numbers and website link to complete the Census 2020 questionnaire. The census caravan was done in collaboration with the City of San Pablo and supported by Community Development, Library, Community Services, and Richmond Fire Department staff.