R-Transit with Lyft

The City of Richmond’s paratransit (R-Transit) program is partnering with transportation network company Lyft to provide on demand transportation. Lyft is a ridesharing application that connects people with a nearby driver and transports them to their destination.

The R-Transit program’s newest addition, RAPID, offers R-Transit clients a subsidy to use Lyft for on-demand trips in the cities of Richmond, El Cerrito, North Richmond, El Sobrante, Kensington, San Pablo, and Pinole. RAPID will also expand service to and from the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Veterans hospital in Martinez, CA.

Lyft is best suited for those comfortable with boarding vehicles (including SUVs and vans) without driver assistance. Due to the nature of Lyft, drivers are not required to assist passengers in and out of the vehicle, assist with personal belongings, or walk passengers to their destination. Lyft’s policy is that passengers who use wheelchairs that can safely and securely fit in the car’s trunk or backseat without obstructing the driver’s view will be accommodated by the Lyft driver. R-Transit clients who are able to fold and store their wheelchair on board without the assistance of drivers and able to transfer in and out of the vehicle independently or with the assistance of an accompanying assistant can use Lyft.

R-Transit clients who require additional assistance of the drivers and/or depend on mechanical aids such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs can continue to use the R-Transit program. R-Transit clients can use both RAPID and R-Transit paratransit service. R-Transit will continue to provide service with wheelchair accessible vehicles to all R-Transit clients. R-Transit clients have the option to use both RAPID, and service provided by the R-Transit program. Clients have the freedom to select a service based on individual mobility needs.

To use the RAPID service, clients will need a:

1. Smart phone

2. Credit/debit card

3. Completed registration and waiver of liability forms on file with R-Transit

R-Transit staff will send clients a RAPID Rider Guide once the registration and waiver of liability forms are received and processed. The guide will provide further instructions on setting up and using the RAPID service. 

RAPID will allow each R-Transit client a maximum of forty (40) subsidized trips per month. The customer will pay the first $3.00 of each one way trip within the service area and the City of Richmond will cover the next $17.00 of the ride. If the total cost of a one way trip in the service area exceeds $20.00, the client will be responsible for the overage. Clients will not be able to use existing coupon books to pay for rides booked with RAPID. Clients can continue to use and purchase coupon books to pay for rides with the R-Transit program. 


Service Comparison

If you need assistance with registration, have questions about your specific travel needs, or simply wish to learn more about RAPID, we recommend that you attend an upcoming workshop. The City of Richmond invites you to the next workshop on November 18, 2019 at the Richmond Senior Center located at 2525 Macdonald Avenue, Richmond CA 94804 from 9 am – 12 pm. To expedite registration for RAPID, you can bring completed registration and waiver of liability form(s) to the upcoming workshop.