Reimagining Public Safety Community Task Force


Transition accountability task force composed of twenty-one members of the public, including community organizations, individuals who were impacted by law enforcement, and law enforcement appointed to help prepare a plan to transition from Richmond's current "community policing" model to a plan conducive to a reduced police force.  For more information, go to the Reimagining Public Safety webpage

Meeting Information

Meets second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom teleconference

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Staff Liaison

Johann Fragd   Email:

No Vacancies as of 10/6/2020

Luis Chacon 10/06/2020
Jasmine Frye 10/06/2020
Don Gosney 10/06/2020
Linda Whitmore 10/06/2020
DeWanda Joseph 10/06/2020
Randy Joseph 10/06/2020
Kristin Kilian Lobos 10/06/2020
Armond Lee 10/06/2020
James Lee 10/06/2020
Shirley Leslie 10/06/2020
Laura Mangels 10/06/2020
Marcus Njissang 10/06/2020
Tania Pulido 10/06/2020
Joey Schlemmer 10/06/2020
Deborah Small 10/06/2020
Andres Soto 10/06/2020
Nakari Syon 10/06/2020
Ben Therriault 10/06/2020
David Tucker 10/06/2020
Tamisha Walker 10/06/2020
BK Williams 10/06/2020