Complaints and Investigations

Filing a Complaint

Community members with complaints concerning the use of unreasonable or excessive force, discrimination, sexual harassment and/or sexual assault by on-duty Richmond police officers, may file a complaint with the Community Police Review Commission.

All complaints should be filed in writing within 120 days of the alleged misconduct.  Complaints filed with the Community Police Review Commission must be in writing and signed by the person, or their guardian, making the complaint. View, download, or print the fillable English or Spanish complaint form.

                Link to Complaint Form - English                     Link to Complaint Form - Spanish
Complaint Form - English Opens in new window Complaint Form - Spanish Opens in new window

After filling out the form, you may download it and email it to You may also mail it or take in person to: City Clerk's Office, 450 Civic Center Plaza, 3rd Floor, Richmond, CA 94804.

Other Misconduct Complaints: Appeals from the Office of Professional Accountability

The Community Police Review Commission does not have original jurisdiction over other police misconduct complaints not listed above (such as being discourteous); however, it has jurisdiction through the appeal process.  Appeals of complaints filed with the Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability may be filed with the CPRC. Appeals must be filed within 10 days of the date the disposition letter is sent from the Police Chief.

Investigations Process

Complaints submitted to the Community Police Review Commission receive comprehensive investigations by our investigative officer.  The Community Police Review Commission reviews the investigative report and sends the complaint, along with its findings and recommendations, to the Police Chief who may decide to conduct his/her own investigation. If the Police Chief does not accept the recommendation of the Community Police Review Commission, the matter will be transferred to the City Manager for the final disposition. Persons filing complaints will be notified in writing of the disposition of their complaint.