Process Definition

The HOPE VI Program is a very important tool that positively impacts the health and welfare of the Richmond Community. One crucial element in this program is the selection of individuals and agencies who will guide and shape the overall implementation strategy for the project. This element is called the “procurement process”. According to HUD, this process must be competitive, fair, and open. In this regard, the Housing Authority, in conjunction with HUD, has designed certain procedures to make sure that the selection processes ferret out the best candidate(s) for the jobs.

Procurement Process

Typical steps the Authority must follow to conduct the procurement (selection) process include: 

  1. Drafting the Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ), or Request for Bids (RFB) that outlines specific evaluation criteria.
  2. Advertising the RFP/RFQ/RFB in public newspapers or syndicates.
  3. Forming a selection panel that will always include residents.
  4. Training the selection panel.
  5. Reviewing proposals or bids submitted by interested entities.
  6. Conducting interviews, if warranted, with the most competitive firms.
  7. Rating information and presenting a recommendation to the Authority’s Board of Commissioners.
  8. Negotiating contracts with the successful candidate(s).

Although these processes are usually long and require a lot of reading, we appreciate the residents that have been involved so far. The resident’s perspective and voice are very important to any selection that will be made for this project. Please be on notice that we anticipate hiring a Relocation Consultant, Planning Consultant, and any other consultant or team member necessary to complete the project.

Easter Hill Project

So far, staff members have initiated three major procurement processes for the Easter Hill Project. These processes have focused on the selection of a Developer, a Financial Consultant and a Legal Consultant. The Developer will be in charge of developing the new Easter Hill Project. Similarly, the Legal and Financial Consultants will be in charge of helping the HOPE VI team organize the project, compile information to complete documents required by HUD for the project, and help the Authority negotiate agreements that will facilitate the goals and objectives envisioned for the Easter Hill Project.

Want to Participate?

If you think you might want to participate on any of these panels, please contact RHA staff. Remember, you must be dedicated, because these processes are very important. They may require a lot of reading and many meetings.